Wiccan Amulets

Wiccan Amulets

Oracle of vision, Features a pewter pentagram charm; it is said to give the wearer the gift of divination with the aid of red crystals for channeling energies.


Astral senses, Pewter pentagram charm accented with six gems, Its clear crystal promotes mental relaxation; Amethyst aids the stomach, Peridot aids the heart, Aquamarine aids the throat and lungs, Emerald aids the liver and Garnet aids the blood, Useful for protection and bringing health and harmony to your body.


Transformation, Pewter charm of a snake entwined with a pentagram, The snake symbolizes renewal and rebirth, sheds the wearer of negative energy.


Seeker of wisdom, Ornate, pewter pentagram for those seeking protection and balance.


The Hex, A circular Pewter skull charm accented by a jeweled pentagram, used to ward off evil.


The Adder Dragon, the Apewter charm of two dragons, is used to protect against hate and malice.

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